About the Journal

Founder: National Center «Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine».
Year established: 2012.
Theme: the light of the directions of the educational activities of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to create conditions for the development of educational and research activities of children and youth, consideration of methodological bases of formation of the educational environment of teaching and the use of information technology in education, the light of psycho-pedagogical aspects of educational research activities in all levels of education.
Scope: national.
Certificate of state registration: series КВ № 24351-14194 ПР from 24.02.2020.
Frequency: three times a year.
Language of edition: Ukrainian, English.

The concept of the scientific journal "Proceedings of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" is aimed at attracting a wide range of Ukrainian and foreign researchers in the field of education and practicing teachers to discussing and highlighting topical issues and problems in the development of education in the scientific direction and finding ways to solve them, presentation of transdisciplinary research in the context of creating an open educational space in Ukraine.

The purpose of the scientific journal "Proceedings of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" is to highlight and disclose scientific research results, in particular dissertations of applicants for scientific degrees, in the organization of research work of educational institutions of various kinds and types, the development of scientific education and transdisciplinary research of educational direction.

The editorial policy of the scientific journal adheres to the policy of open access to published material, acknowledging priority of free dissemination of scientific information and exchange of knowledge for global social progress.

The tasks of the scientific journal are the development of scientific research that contributes to the sustainable development of out-of-school and scientific education, the introduction of the latest IT technologies in the field of education, increasing the efficiency of learning processes, sharing experience by means of the scientific journal.

Guided by the requirements of the international scientific community and high publication standards, the editorial board of the scientific journal "Proceedings of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" gives preference to original scientific research, and also strives to implement the following tasks:

– compliance and dissemination of the best international publishing practices;

– formation of a modern expert scientific information and analytical environment;

– popularization of Ukrainian scientific research and assistance in the creation of competitive scientific developments for the international market of scientific products;

– promoting the creation of progressive business models of open scientific communication, integration of Ukrainian science into the European and international scientific space, as well as modern digital research infrastructures;

– support for global open science initiatives and seizing modern opportunities provided by the digital landscape (European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Initiative for Open Citations), etc.;

– formation of an authoritative team of reviewers from different countries, representatives of various branches of economic research with a high scientific rating.

– ensuring transparency of peer review standards;

– compliance with international standards of publishing ethics, norms of preventing manifestations of corruption among authors of publications (combating unfair citation practices), as well as copyright for published materials;

– increasing the rating of the scientific journal and its presentation on national and international library-abstract and scientometric platforms;

– in our work, we strive to follow the recommendations of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE).

Scientific topics of the scientific journal "Proceedings of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" are determined by the activities of the National Center "Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" and correspond to the specialties: pedagogy, IT