• A. I. Atamas PhD in Engineering, Senior Research Scientist of the Department for Creating Educational and Thematic Knowledge Systems, NC “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine, [email protected]; ORCID ID:



Digital measuring complex, wireless data transmission, smartphone, Arduino, electric capacity, capacitor, energy.


The laboratory and educational research works are an important component of modern school education and STEM education. The use of digital measuring systems can significantly save time on measurement and mathematical processing of their results. A modern smartphone can become a kind of digital measuring system after installing the Arduino Science Journal or Phyphox (Physical Phone Experiments) mobile application on it. These applications allow you to read, write and analyze data from sensors available on a particular smartphone model, and from external sensors that are part of a digital measuring system built using Arduino. The newest compact platform of the Arduino family is the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense, which contains a built-in group of sensors. The compactness and low power consumption on the one hand, and the capabilities of mobile applications Arduino Science Journal and Phyphoxon the other hand, allow you to create an autonomous portable digital measuring system with wireless data transmission, which creates additional opportunities and facilities for laboratory and educational research. The possibilities of the proposed digital measuring complex are investigated on the example of laboratory work “Determination of capacitance and energy of a charged capacitor”. As a result of the reproduction of this laboratory work, a fairly close coincidence of the calculated and experimental parameters was obtained. Further development of research character for the considered laboratory work is offered.


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