• A. O. Butsenko educator of preschool children, Zolotoniskiy preschool education institution (nursery-kinder­garten) “Strumochok” of Zolotonisk city council of Cherkasy region, Zolotonosha, Ukraine, anastasia.bucenko12@; ORCID ID:



STEM project, game-based activities, critical thinking, career guidance, productive thinking.


The article outlines methods for acquainting preschool children with STEM professions, portraying them as catalysts for fostering innovative thinking, cultivating resilience and adaptability, and sparking curiosity within a scientific realm — a core outcome of STEM education. The necessity to design exemplary game tasks of heightened quality is substantiated, as these tasks bridge the chasm between abstract concepts and a tangible grasp of the world’s intricacies. The article furnishes a slew of recommendations, functioning as guiding beacons for contemporary educators in game development. These guidelines ensure the eradication of bias, the removal of antiquated cognitive mechanisms, and the preservation of professionalism. Employing the correct game, enriched with novel information technologies, catalyzes the exploration of a child’s potential, their inherent capacities, and the cultivation of steadfast interests in future professional pursuits. Addressing gender equality is integral, shielding the child from an internal clash between antiquated “norms” and their personal aspirations when choosing a desired profession. In a bid to acquaint children with contemporary linguistic trends, emphasis is placed on language norms, mandating the incorporation of feminine forms as equivalent units alongside traditionally entrenched masculine forms. The article hones in on the engagement of STEM projects, particularly those dedicated to ongoing events, as a means to foster research and investigative skills. It prepares children for resolving complex scenarios, solidifying their comprehension of the conscious choices made by each specialist in their relentless pursuit of self-improvement and national enhancement. The relevance of studying STEM professions amid the backdrop of martial law as a restorative mechanism for the nation’s economy and the normalization of daily existence is substantiated. A step-by-step guide for the conceptual genesis of projects is meticulously crafted, along with fragments of scenarios addressing contentious aspects in war coverage. This coverage refrains from unnecessary veiling and silencing of reality, instead offering a transparent portrayal.


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